There are many techniques that can be used to improve online data privacy. The domain facade is one of the most revered among technocrats. But what is the domain facade? And when it comes to online security, is it better than using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? This article willRead More →

The IT world is moving towards cloud-hosted solutions (as a service), especially with the global pandemic. The move to the cloud has accelerated faster than anyone ever imagined. Even the categories and solutions that IT organizations have used on-premises for decades are evolving to be delivered as services. Take theRead More →

Attackers routinely reuse stolen domain credentials. Here are some ways to thwart their access. Stolen domain credentials are a much bigger problem than most realize. A recent Dark Web audit by research team Digital Shadows Photon showed that 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords were circulating on the Dark WebRead More →

Many legitimate companies have been affected by an increasing number of abusive or offensive domain name registrations. The abusive activities and offensive practices of domain name scammers can harm a brand’s identity and reputation. Domain name scammers constantly register domain names with the aim of misleading the public. In mostRead More →