The best listening experience is on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to Fed Tech Talk audio interviews on Apple Podcasts or PodcastOne. This week on Federal Technical Conferencehost John Gilroy talks to Allen McNaughton, director of pre-sales engineering, public sector at Federal Infoblox. They will talk about a fundamental subjectRead More →

Residence > Prosecutions > IPTV and streaming > A coalition of Hollywood studios, plus Amazon and Netflix, have won an injunction to restrain Jason Tusa, the alleged operator of Altered Carbon, Area 51, and several other pirate IPTV services. Tusa had previously agreed not to operate unlicensed platforms, but allegedlyRead More →

With solution providers like Unstoppable Domains or Handshake, and blockchain-enabled browsers like Brave more than happy to help on the implementation front, decentralized naming system alternatives traditional domain names have received more and more attention in recent times. Centralized versus decentralized… what will it be? The stakes are high givenRead More →

ICANN, Ukraine and the exploitation of Internet identifiers March 01, 2022 3:38 PM PST Ukraine’s representative to ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) has sent a letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to remove Russian-administered top-level domains ( .RU, .SU and .рф) from the DNS rootRead More →