A lot of people are suddenly betting that, in the metaverse, .eth addresses will be the new .com. So what is amazon.eth worth? Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; When NFTs first emerged into the public consciousness, the idea behind them was a bit bizarre. Here are these crypto certificates of ownership attached toRead More →

“ProxyShell” vulnerabilities have caused domain-wide ransomware attacks against victims, according to new research published Monday by threat intelligence provider The DFIR Report. ProxyShell is the name given to three Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities disclosed in July that together are capable of elevating privileges and executing code remotely. According toRead More →

You’re ready to start your website, but buying a domain name and figuring out your hosting options are major hurdles. Get ready to build your website with this guide to buying a domain name. Jump to: What is a domain name? Just as you have a physical address where customersRead More →

The American Institute of CPAs and its technology arm, CPA.com, have extended the .cpa web domain across the border into Canada, allowing CPAs and CPA firms in Canada to apply for .cpa web addresses to strengthen their brand. The restricted web domain was officially launched in Canada on Tuesday morning.Read More →