Brent Carey (Domain Names Commission) Credit: provided The Domain Names Commission of New Zealand deploys Dialpad’s communication, collaboration and contact center platform to power its customer service operations. The commission, which regulates the .nz domain name space, initially chose San Francisco-based Dialpad because it allowed services to scale up andRead More →

Maria Lepskaya Donor Maria Lepskaya is a senior partner at Runa Capital, leading investments in different branches of quantum technologies and advanced materials. Market trends are the best indicators we have to judge the maturity of the quantum industry. While they don’t fully reflect technological progress, they do show investors’Read More →

News Microsoft begins confirming January patch issues affecting Windows Server Microsoft’s January security patches, released on Tuesday, are said to cause multiple problems for organizations, especially on the Windows Server side. Update 1/18Microsoft released “out of band” (unscheduled) quality updates on Monday, as noted here, to address issues caused byRead More →

Is it really 2022? Is it? Although many may view 2021 as another “lost” year due to the pandemic, filled with Zoom™ meetings, virtual conferences, working from home and limited travel, there have been a number of notable stories of domain names that deserve to be highlighted. So, without furtherRead More →

January’s Patch Tuesday left many Windows Server administrators in dire straits: domain controllers in boot loops, ReFS volumes unavailable, and Hyper-V refusing to boot. BeepComputer reports that administrators described domain controllers on all versions of Windows entering boot loops because the LSASS.exe process consumed all CPU resources and crashed theRead More →

Update Microsoft’s first Patch Tuesday of 2022 has, for some people, broken Hyper-V and sent domain controllers into boot loops. A Register reader contacted regarding KB5009624which they claim “breaks hypervisors running on WS2012R2”. “I’m dealing with this right now and it’s a problem,” our reader said. “After several attempts andRead More →

Study abroad platform Leverage, which operates,, UniConnect, among others, has ventured into financial services and has rolled out three different services: international remittances, loans studies and international bank accounts. “The highest priority area for us is remittances at the moment, it fits perfectly into the product market withRead More →