A key indicator of overall organizational security

Last month, CSC and SecurityScorecard, the world leader in cybersecurity ratings for companies, published a major study in a white paper that shows that a company’s choice of domain registrar really matters when it comes to cybersecurity. .

A company’s total security rating is on average half a letter to a full letter higher if it uses an enterprise-class registrar (ECR).

SecurityScorecard’s research has unequivocally shown that there is a connection between your company’s digital security and the use of an enterprise-class domain registrar like CSC. But why is this the case?

One of the most common attack vectors is phishing, which often enables other attacks, such as ransomware and work email compromise. Most ransomware protection measures do not adequately address domain security risks in the early stages of an attack. This is because they do not include safeguards against the most common phishing tactics targeting domain security. Consumer registrars do not offer advanced domain security protection to mitigate phishing attacks.

We’ve discussed in previous blogs how domain names are the foundation of online security, as most cyberattacks start with a single domain name. Research shows that phishing attacks most often occur from a maliciously registered domain name that is confusingly similar, a compromised or hijacked legitimate domain name, or via spoofing of emails. ECRs offer domain monitoring and enforcement services, stopping phishing at the earliest stage of an attack attempt.

This explains why companies that engage with an ECR get higher ratings. ECRs can help defend against cyber risks as they have a mission and focus on cyber security and intellectual property protection with a strong emphasis on domain security through advanced services and tools . And these are things that consumer-grade vendors simply don’t offer.

We are here to help you – If you are concerned about the security of your company’s domain, CSC is here to help. You can also download our domain security checklist or fill out this form and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your security environment.