GoDaddy launches new service to easily sell unused domain names

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that helps everyday entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of List for Sale, a service that allows anyone to list and sell quickly and easily unused domain names. The tool is available for free to all GoDaddy customers who own a domain name, offering the opportunity to earn a profit on unused domains.

Once a GoDaddy customer clicks the List for Sale button in their domain control center, they will be guided through a simple three-step process where they can list the domain’s sale price, create a landing page” For Sale” for the domain website. , then post a listing for the domain on Afternic, the world’s largest domain marketplace. GoDaddy provides a price estimator to help users set an accurate price for their listing.

List for Sale dramatically simplifies the previously tedious process of selling a domain name online and opens up a valuable new opportunity for GoDaddy customers to earn a substantial profit on unused domain names; the average selling price of a domain name on Afternic is $2,000and since the launch of the beta in January, the top-selling domain through the listing tool is $57,500. New domain names entering Afternic also unlock valuable inventory for domain investors. Thanks to this tool, hundreds of thousands of domain names have been introduced to the domain market.

“Everyday entrepreneurs come to GoDaddy to find great domain names to suit their businesses, but sometimes domain names go unused and sit idle in accounts,” said Paul Nick, Vice President at GoDaddy. “List for Sale offers customers an easy and simple way to make a profit by selling their domain name for a sum of money.”

List for Sale is a free service for GoDaddy customers. Customers only pay Afternic industry standard sales commissions of 10-20% if the domain is sold.

Read more about List for sale here.

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Source: GoDaddy Inc.

SOURCE GoDaddy Inc.

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