‘How much?’ — Twitter’s Jack Dorsey jokes about Facebook domain purchase

Facebook Inc. FB,
experienced widespread outages on Monday, including disruptions to its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms.

Experts say the problem appeared to be a problem with Facebook’s domain name system, or DNS. This issue has made the Facebook.com domain appear to be for sale.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter TWTR,
poked fun at Monday’s outage, wondering “how much” it would cost to buy the Facebook.com domain.

The outage, which still appears to be an issue on Monday afternoon, comes during a tough few weeks for Facebook.

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The Wall Street Journal has published a series of articles on Facebook called “The Facebook Files” which detail the events when the social media giant admitted that its photo-sharing platform Instagram was having a negative impact on the mental health of people. teenage girls, allowed a few high-profile users to circumvent some of the platform’s rules and made changes to its algorithm that made Facebook “angrier.”

The company has since called those claims misinterpretations.

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Shortly after the report was released, Facebook’s former security chief said he believes “young teens shouldn’t be on social media.”

A former Facebook data scientist turned whistleblower also recently called on the company to put profits before safety, and claimed the company had misled investors about how it handles hate speech and misinformation on its platform. Former employee Frances Haugen testifies before Congress on Tuesday.

Shares of Facebook Inc. fell 4.89% on Monday, outpacing a 1.3% loss on the S&P 500 SPX index,
and a 2.14% loss on the tech-heavy Nasdaq COMP composite index,