Perfios declared best brand of 2021

Perfios was recognized during the ‘Best Brands 2021’ – which managed to be tied with global brands. Recognition is conferred on brands that command mind awareness, recall success, popularity and the benefit of instant association, even among consumers who do not frequently purchase their products or are not even part of the target audience.

“Being the best is the only market that is not crowded”

Being the best isn’t about competing, it’s about being a better version of yourself from yesterday. Perfios seems to have personified this adage to the end. Starting as a personal finance management application in the B2C space 13 years ago, Perfios is today a market leader in the fintech space, known to be in partnership with most of the prestigious banks and financial institutions in India and over 20 other countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. “Category creator”, “Innovative”, “Disruptor”, are some of the terms often associated with Perfios.

The company derives its unique position from the proven scalable data platform it has built and perfected over the years. The platform was designed to extract, analyze and build vertical solutions in all areas, processing any source of data (banking, financial, GST, income tax, payslips, public databases, etc.) . Also, data can be acquired in any mode – online, electronic readings or scanned images on paper).

Over the past few years, Perfios has invested deeply in creating several product lines supported and powered by their powerful AI and ML based data engines. These products cover the entire life cycle of typical loan products, as shown in the following subset of products offered by the Company.

Perfios has slowly but steadily developed a strong grip on the credit decision-making space. Customers with no credit history and a large digital footprint.

Perfios AI uses traditional and non-traditional data sources to assess the creditworthiness of these new borrowers.

Cross-analysis and fraud analysis – taking advantage of the huge amount of heterogeneous data that is continuously processed so that suspicious transactions and applications are detected and reported to the source itself.

InteGREAT – A complete digital lending and integration platform that is configuration-based and supports all types of lending products

According to Mr. VR Govindarajan, Co-Founder and CEO of Perfios – “Most of our solutions need to work with real-time responses and we have been able to achieve this with ZERO instance of any privacy/security issues since our inception”

By adhering to global standards in terms of product quality and strictly adhering to data security standards, Perfios prides itself on being an innovative product company leveraging emerging technologies in selected areas. They continue to invest in R&D and roll out new products that can help their customers deal with the disruptions happening in the industry.

This award seems to be just one more to their feathered cap. Are there many more waiting for Perfios in the wings? Let’s wait and watch this space for more!

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