Three Reports Show Domain Market Trends – Domain Name Wire

These three monthly reports might give you some insight into what’s happening in the domain market.

Each month, some marketplaces and domain registries publish data to summarize activity for the previous month. Let’s look at three of these reports to determine the domain name trend.

Let’s first look at the ten most searched terms at Sedo:

1. pictures
3. link
4. keyword
5. avocado
6. ready
7. mom
8. game
9. innovations
10. SEO

Pictures at #1? I’m a little puzzled by this list. I wonder if one or two people looking for names for their businesses can influence this list.

Now let’s move on to the Donuts Domain Trends Report for the month of March. The most recorded words in the SLDs were:

1. Today
2. Meta
3. Online
4. Home
6. Digital
7. Life
8. Letter
9. Premiere
10. World

Most of this list makes sense. You will notice that many of these SLDs correspond to existing TLDs. This is no surprise as many TLDs were chosen because they matched common SLD keywords.

.Global and .Group accounted for most of the Premium best sellers last month, led by and

Our final stop is the XYZ Registry Domains Report for March.

The registry said its top five premium sales were,,, and These each have an MSRP of $13,000 per year, and I believe their wholesale costs are $10,000 per year. Beyond .xyz, some of its premium listings included, and 18 .beauty.

XYZ also reported numerous secondary market trades, such as for $105,000.