Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions Shares Global Business Linkage Management Best Practices with Kathy Ireland® Segment

Lien Solutions Manager Suzanne Konstance Highlights the Benefits of a Strong Privilege Management Program

In the world of commercial lending, lenders face an array of complex legal and regulatory compliance requirements, where filing a lien properly requires the absolute perfection of every detail. If a lender files a lien on a loan containing a single borrower misspelling, inadvertent space, or misplaced comma, it could mean the difference of a significant sum of money when trying to collect these secured assets. So explain Wolters Kluwer Compliance SolutionsSusan Constancedescribing the intricacies of privilege management in a recent episode of global affairs with kathy ireland®.

Konstance, vice-president and leader of the Privilege Solutions Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions segment, notes that lien perfection today requires lenders to do their homework with precision on every lien filing and exercise continuous vigilance throughout the lifecycle of the loan.

“The lender needs to do a lot of research on each borrower and reflect those details in the lien file perfectly, from sharing basic borrower information like their home address, to capturing key details like size and the type of other loans the borrower may have in play,” Konstance says. “Once you have those records, you have to do everything perfectly when filing financing statements with the Secretary of State for a UCC lien. Even if you’re next to a misplaced gap or period, it may mean you won’t have the ability to recover those assets in the event of a default.

Konstance reminds viewers that there is additional complexity because Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) privileges do not cover all types of secured assets. “As a result, we offer a range of solutions, from our core iLien product, which a lender can use to file all of their UCC liens and perform all of their research on a debtor, to our iLien Motor Vehicle solution which helps lenders to manage motor vehicles. liens and titles, at iLienRED, a real estate solution where you can manage your mortgages, create your real estate liens, make assignments and all the things you need to do around real estate, easily, without error and with good quality.

The segment concludes with an overview of the benefits a lien management platform can bring to the table, where, she explains, “a lender can access all of their UCC information, including current and potential borrowers, in one place, allowing lenders to make accurate decisions on who to lend and how much to lend.It’s a great tool for lenders to maximize their lending potential and grow their business.

“The solutions Suzanne highlights in this episode help our lending clients manage portfolio risk, reinforcing Wolters Kluwer’s long-standing commitment to product innovation and leadership in UCC lien management and vehicle titling solutions for the lending industry,” said Steve MeirikExecutive Vice President and General Manager of Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions.

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